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Want great historical fiction for teens? “Blueberry Steel” won’t disappoint!

Blueberry Steel” is a WW2 historical fiction novel that gives readers a glimpse of the life of a Rosie the Riveter. From what it’s like to work in the factory to having college dreams, Evelyn faces the war challenges and future goals head on. The book makes a great historical fiction for teens pick, giving them a hopeful story and plenty of information about the period.

In this historical fiction for teens, readers will learn more about:

  • World War II in general.
  • Rosie the Riveters – The different ways that women contributed to the war effort.
  • The Arsenal of Democracy – The Detroit areas contribution to the war effort.
  • Small historical notables, such as the rationing of goods, victory gardens, Dear John letters, Coney dogs, painting the windows black, rubber shortages, and more.

Appropriate for reading in schools and for pleasure, “Blueberry Steel” is historical fiction for teens that offers a story of a goal-oriented young woman fresh out of high school. Evelyn takes readers along with her into the factory, to the college campuses, and through the ups and downs of love. The WW2 historical fiction novel is available in print and electronic formats.

“Blueberry Steel” was written by Jacqueline Bodnar, a professional writer and blogger. Published by Taylor and Seale, find out if this WW2 historical fiction novel makes your list of best historical fiction books for 2018.

Pick up your copy of “Blueberry Steel,” a historical fiction book for teens today. To get more information or get a copy, click here.