Want to make money from blogging? Here's how!
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Many people want to know how to start a blog that makes money. Well, the good news is that you actually can start a blog and make money from it! I’m living proof of that. I have numerous blogs and make money from them.

Whether you want to start a blog that makes money as a side hustle, or you would like to make it your main career focus, you have options. Blogging is something that just about anyone can do. Blogging gives you a chance to put forth your personality, focus on topics that are of interest to you, and earn money from the words (or videos) that you create and post.

As a blogging expert, I have written two books that explain to people how to start a blog that makes money. My first blogging book, “Starting Your Career as a Professional Blogger,” came out in 2013, and more recent and updated book, “Blog for Bucks: How to Create, Promote, and Profit from Your Blog,” was published in September 2020.

Those who want to learn about how to start a blog they can earn money from should check out my book “Blog for Bucks: How to Create, Promote, and Profit from Your Blog.” You will learn how to go from having an idea for a blog to earning money from it. If you already have an established blog you will learn some new ways to make money from it. Plus, I conducted 11 short interviews with other successful bloggers, so you will get to see what they do to make money from their blog.

Be sure to check out “Blog for Bucks: How to Create, Promote, and Profit from Your Blog” for some great updated information about blogging. Whether you are a beginner or you have been blogging for a while, you are sure to gain some useful nuggets of information from this quick read.

The chapters of this book include:

  • Blogging Basics – Including picking your focus, setting up your blog, blogging platforms, and how to set up your blog.
  • Keeping Your Blog Active – Why keeping it active matters, goals, blog post ideas, and blogging for others.
  • All About Writing – This chapter features tips on writing the blog posts.
  • Ways to Promote Your Blog – My promotional methods, know your target market, various ways to promote your blog, and the best promotional tool.
  • Monetizing Your Blog – Blogging perks, ways to monetize your blog, and patience before approaching.
  • Tracking Your Blog’s Success – Your first steps toward tracking, using Google analytics, other Google tools, Alexa ranking, understanding your analytics, and why analytics matter.
  • Keeping it Legal – Legal names, getting paid, taxes talk, libel and slander, disclosure matters, privacy, cookies, copyright issues, and remaining legal.
  • Building Your Focus – Content goals, consistency counts, social media, show your personality, comments galore, email communication, and groups, events, and more.
  • Ways to Enhance Your Blog – Add a profile page, photography skills, copywriting skills, using video, plug-ins and searches, custom logos and designs, media kits, adding other bloggers, and additional enhancement options.
  • Where Your Blog Can Take You – Seminars and conferences, selling products, offering services, influencer opportunities, career opportunities, and the future of your blog.
  • Make Money Blogging for Others – Who to blog for, offering blogging services, how to get blogging jobs, writing for others, and sources and rights.
  • Connecting with Other Bloggers – Blogger meetups, attending conferences, online groups, keep learning, and invest in yourself.

Blogging is great for anyone who wants to write about a passion, focus on trends, blog for others, or have a dedicated career in the field. The more you know about blogging, the better you will be at making money from your blogging efforts.

In “Blog for Bucks: How to Create, Promote, and Profit from Your Blog,” I have shared a wealth of knowledge and experience on how to start a blog that makes money.  Be sure to check it out and see what you can take away from it to help you get started, or to improve on your current blogging experience.

Blog on!

Jacqueline Bodnar